• Katya Devi

Hindu methods to relieve headache and fatigue.

PRANAYAMA ( conscious breath or regulating vital force)

In the physical world, the nose has two sides, a right side and a left side; generally, we use both sides to inhale and exhale… In spiritual reality, both sides are very different and therefore have different functions:

- The right represents the Sun and corresponds to the "heat".

- The left represents the Moon and corresponds to the "cold".

During a headache, try closing your right nostril and use your left to breathe.

Within about five minutes, the headache should go away.

If you feel tired do the opposite: Close the left nostril and breathe through the right.

In a few moments with this exercise your mind will feel relieved.

This natural, drug-free alternative therapy is something that has already been proven.

Why not to try it?

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