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Yogic Diet and fasting.

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"Let thy food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

~ Hippocrate

Our physical body is the temple where our soul and spirit dwell. We can offer the necessary strength for our organism through the appropriate nutrition, purifying techniques and exercises.

In order to have optimal health we need to have an integral vision on our well-being, focusing not only on physical health, but also on harmony between thoughts and emotions, between the brain, the lungs, the stomach, between humans and the Supreme force.

We heard many times that we are what we eat. Everything we eat becomes part of every cell in our body. We need to eat food which gives fuel to our body, not just dead calories.

( processed foods, sugars and carbs)

One of the biggest obstacles in yoga is over-eating. When the body is overloaded with food, it slows down and the mind becomes dull. After a period of time the toxins accumulate in the body, constipation occurs and the whole mental-physical system is blocked. If the body is lethargic and toxic, how can we expect to make good progress in our Sadhana? Whatever sadhana you do as a purification, if you over eat you will only be spending time removing toxins. If you avoid overeating, you practice will have faster results. Swami Sivananda from Rishikesh and many other yogis have said that only half of the stomach should be filled with food, one quarter with water and the other quarter with air.

The healthy person is the one with the mind, the heart and the will in perfect harmony.

When there is balance in the internal organs and between the cells, we experience joy when we think and act. Balance is the natural state of the body.

Eat mainly greens and buy organic when possible. Its worth investing in your future health and save money on doctors. Eat according to the season and use your intuition. Food should always look nice to your eyes.

By controlling our food we control our mind. How we eat and what we eat has a great effect on our future state of health. Chew the food very slowly and savor it.

Try to avoid heavy food after sun has set. Take liquids, juices or soups. This will lead to better sleep. Body needs energy for healing and rejuvenating while we are asleep.

Eating meat will take your meditation nowhere. The subtle body becomes polluted with the vibrations of the slaughtered animals.

Offer your food to the Lord before eating. “ Once you touch it, it's all leftovers” Dharma Mittra.

Our society stands out for a high level of intoxication as a result of poor diet, stress, pollution, etc ... All of this can be the origin of different kind of diseases. Occasionally we should do a few days of deep cleaning to purify the body and for healing purposes.

If you are not hungry, don't eat until you have a natural desire to eat. If you are sick, fast.

Detoxifying the body helps elevate thoughts and feelings. Purifying the body helps us to eliminate toxins, control the digestive system, blood circulation and mental work. Detox and fasts prolong life.

Prayer before and after Meals by Master Peter Deunov.

" The love of God brings abundance and fullness of life". ( 3 times)

Tips for fasting.

Master Peter Deunov advised disciples to raise their thoughts and feelings to a higher plane by prayer and fasting: " Purity of thoughts, feelings, desires and the body is a condition for health. Always live and move in love."

You can make juice fasts, only with water and soups or without liquids.

Best day for fasting is the third Thursday of the month starting on Thursday after lunch and until Friday noon. So you will do 12 fasts a year. ( The Master Peter Deunov)

Try to make that day of rest and not work.

The purpose of fasting is to filter thoughts and process emotions. Fasting means concentrating on Purification and going into the depths of your Being, eliminating worries and fears.

If you want to do Detox of about 3-5 days, the best time is autumn or spring.

Add some cayenne pepper to your morning water with lemon to add some additional heat in colder months.

It's recommended to do a colon cleanse prior to fasting.

You can accompany your Detox routine with this serie of clases which will help to flush out the lymphatic system, support the digestion system and your ability to eliminate toxins.

Each class has Kriya- purification technique, movements and twists.


These nutrition suggestions are inspired by teaching of the Master Peter Deunov and Sri Dharma Mitra.


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