Invitation to a healing journey of self-discovery
through Yoga & Meditation. Katya Devi


Attending Katya's classes is a great inspiration. I highly appreciate the combination of dynamic flow in the asanas and her guidance into deep resting, inner listening and self-purification of the body. Katya's knowledge of the philosophy and spirituality of yoga is profound. She has a deep empathy and understanding of her students' bodies: their limitations, injuries and strengths. 

I am so thankful to be able to deepen my yoga practice with her.

Elin Hellström

I have been doing yoga with katya for a year and a half, once or twice a week, in Yoga one Barcelona. There are so many things that i like about her way of teaching, but what is really specific about her is her capacity to reinvent herself and her teaching for every class she gives, as if it was the first time. She makes the routine inventive and unique. Her teaching helps me a lot in my everyday life. I'm really gratefull, thank you Katya.

Mimilie Poipoi

“Lo que me atrajo cuando entré las primeras veces en su  clases de yoga– físicas y sobretodo de meditación – fue que en éstas observé/sentí que Katya partía de una buena base como practicante (ella misma). Esto es, es obvio  que Katya tiene una buena preparación para ella misma y se nota que sigue en constante formación y aprendizaje, y lo va transmitiendo a sus alumnos en cada una de sus clases de una manera generosa, honesta, con muchas ganas de servir, ayudar, y  no le falta sentido del humor,  tan importante en estos tiempos de hoy.”


Pati DTristan



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